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  1. Why Unsafe Acts Happen in the Workplace

    Thousands of injuries occur in workplaces across the country every year. Whenever a worker punches in for the day at the construction site, a warehouse, or factory, they are at risk for an accident. (more…)

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  2. Viable Defenses for OSHA Citations

    Alabama OSHA Defense Lawyer On Phone
    It’s enough that you received an unannounced visit from an OSHA inspector. What’s worse is when, a short time later, you received a letter confirming the violations that were mentioned in your closing conference. (more…)

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  3. 12 Unsafe Acts That Lead to Job Site Accidents Part 2

    Tennessee OSHA Defense Lawyer Injured Worker
    Recognizing the acts that lead to workplace accidents is one of the most important ways to mitigate risks and to keep everyone safe. It’s also a way to decrease the occurrence of an OSHA citation. If you are currently facing an OSHA claim, do not hesitate to consult with a Tennessee OSHA defense lawyer.


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  4. 12 Unsafe Acts That Lead to Job Site Accidents Part 1

    If your company has invested the time and energy as well as countless dollars into implementing and training your teams on the proper safety procedures for your workplace, it can be frustrating when an accident happens despite the protocols you have in place. In this article and part two, we’ll take a look at 12 unsafe acts that happen on job sites.


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