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Monthly Archives: July, 2018

  1. Award-Winning Construction Law Firm Opens Office in Charlotte, NC

    Lead Attorney Aims to Help Disadvantaged Businesses Grow

    CHARLOTTE, NC, JULY 2018 — Cotney Construction Law (CCL) is expanding its operations into North Carolina and has officially opened an office in Charlotte (more…)

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  2. Size Matters: What You Should Know About Megaprojects

    Megaprojects are large-scale construction projects that cost more than a billion dollars. These unique ventures are the product of ambitious and complex projects involving multiple public and private stakeholders. (more…)

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  3. OSHA Guidelines for Safe Excavation and Trenching Part 2

    Working underground poses many threats to the well being of your workers. Cave-ins, exposure to hazardous gases, and low levels of oxygen can result in unexpected injuries with severe consequences. (more…)

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  4. OSHA Guidelines for Safe Excavation and Trenching Part 1

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers excavation and trenching among the most hazardous operations in construction. (more…)

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  5. How Poor Roadway Infrastructure Can Lead to an OSHA Violation During Redevelopment

    When you enter a contract with the government to restore existing roadway infrastructure, it is important to consider the full breadth of existing conditions that could result in an OSHA violation. (more…)

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