COVID-19 and the Construction Industry

Here's How You Can Protect Your Business

2019 OSHA Guide to PPE Giveaway

In this comprehensive guide, our OSHA defense lawyers will breakdown OSHA’s PPE guidelines from head to toe. This guide covers PPE for every area of the body and details the types and variants of PPE best suited for specific jobs running the gamut from simple to advanced. As a contractor, when you fail to enforce PPE usage on your project site, you’re opening yourself up to OSHA citations and workers’ compensation claims. Don’t let preventable behaviors prevent you from hitting your deadlines and meeting the terms of your contract.

This guide will elaborate on the types of Personal Protective Equipment you may require or consider using while on the  job, such as:

  • Head protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye and Face protection
  • Body Protection
  • Hand and Arm protection
  • Foot and Leg protection

To get your COMPLETE GUIDE TO OSHA’S PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, please submit the form below.

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